Display not working?


I have downloaded a series of Linux images so far, but no one is able to show something on my display.
I have a MiniDP-to-DisplayPort adapter connected to my monitor.

Do I need to enter some command to show a terminal or GUI on the monitor?

The images I tested are:


The key is that you find an ACTIVE miniDP-to-HDMI adapter. All of the inexpensive ones that I have seen are passive, and they will not work. We have validated at least 3 Active adapters/cables which are highlighted on this post:



Thanks @fletch, that solved this issue.
I have validated the following adapter:


Some of the miniDP adapters/cables may not work on Ultra96, even though they work on Surface or Macbook. I have tested a miniDP-to-VGA adapter and a miniDP-to-HDMI adapter and a miniDP-to-DP cable. Only the cable works on the Ultra96, but all of them work on my Surface Pro 3. Perhaps the officially validated adapters are better choices.


Thanks @qintian. It sounds like active adapaters works. But it is alwways better to test directly.


Definitely, @Luca_Colombini. The inexpensive adapters (less than 3 EUR) I bought didn’t mention whether they are active or passive in product descriptions. Thus it may cost several tries and some luck if you do not want a more expensive one.