Display flicker

Hi, I edit “package-vla.br_.1.2.4-00310-8x16-1” make system.img and boot.img and flash it,

The screen is flicker the frequency about 2~3sec , I can see the background wallpaper ,

but there is no any icon or other on the wallpaper

The default kernel file is install from SD card,sometimes the same image file the display is normal,

but sometimes the display is flicker

Are you still playing with DSI panels?

It is probably beyond the scope or ability of this forum to try to debug DSI panel configurations. Especially given how little information you have provided about it.

Hi~this issue happen in HDMI monitor and DSI panel,but the same kernel file I flash several time then it can work.

I’m not sure there is a problem in my flash image file Steps

It doesn’t matter if you write the data once or a thousand times. Once it is written it is written.

On HDMI, I’ve observed some sporadic flickering when using a poor quality HDMI cable, probably bad quality end(s) making poor contact. It seems to be exacerbated by higher resolutions, possibly related to the higher frequency signal. I.e., I run my panels at 1280x800, but if I set them to 1920x1080, I see some flickering occasionally where the entire panel goes blank. I’ve also seen it happen at 1280x800, but only with two specific HDMI cables I have. It never happens with my third cable.