Difference of new hikey960 revision?

I am wondering what is modified in new hikey960.
In the following image, the new one has a light green color.

My kernel, which works in the dark green one, image is not working in the new one.
What is the difference between the two?
And, how to identify a revision difference of hikey960?

My Linux kernel is based on https://github.com/TallGuy74/linux using UEFI.
I understand my way to make kernel images are not the official way.

In the new Hikey960(light green one) the UFS has changed and also the ram has increased from 3Gb to 4Gb. You would ideally need to patch the ufs-hi3660.c. The daedalean branch seems to alread have the ufs patch for the new Hynix UFS. You could try that out.

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Thank you for the information.
I merged [1] patch, then everything seems to be fine.

[1] https://github.com/TallGuy74/linux/commit/68a6e5029eb72d504716a4a40db5b828cc908434

Does the patched version work on both dark green and light green variants? Thank you.

Yes should do. The “dark green” version shown in the picture is Samsung UFS which is supported from beginnings. You should be careful with the “dark green” version holding the Toshiba UFS which suffers firmware problems (hang at ptable etc)

Do you mean there are different “dark green” versions with either Samsung or Toshiba UFS? How do you tell the difference?

@baou: The issues with the Toshiba UFS were solved with a new uefi bootloader back in MAY.

@yanrrr: The UFS chip and the board revision are unrelated. A board of current revision can be assembled with various components sourced from various vendors.

@doitright I still see activity on https://bugs.96boards.org/show_bug.cgi?id=831 which was opened specifically for THG UFS devices.
On my side, unfortunately I still have 2 boards showing bootloader problems even after using recent version (after the fixes) that I didn’t have time to characterize yet.