DHT11/22 did you integrate this sensor with dragon board 410c?


I’ m going to integrate this sensor. anyone alse did it?


Did it on several other boards but not on DragonBoard.

  1. I recommend you to use a sensor mezzanine board or a level shifter since the DragonBorad is 1.8Vdc.
    htmlYou cannot connect the DHT directly to the DragonBoard


  1. Optional: If you use the sensor mezzanine you may as well use the embedded AVR (Arduino) to control it since it has all the library to run the DHT11 or 22 with ease.
    DHT11/22 use ONE-WIRE protocol.

Have fun. :slight_smile:


hello @vincenzo
have you interfaced dht11/22 with the dragonboard 410c ? did it works or not ?
please tell as i am also doing the same thing but not getting how to do?

thanks in advance!!!