DHCP on rpb distro

How to set ip address on rpb ?
Wireless or usb ethernet adaptor .

On rpd-console image, networks are managed by NetworkManager which relies on dhclient by default.
NetworkManager detects when your interface is ready and runs dhclient.

The following command adds a WiFi connection to my Access Point:
$ nmcli dev wifi connect "CISCO" password "MYPASSWORD"
An IP is retrieved automatically after link establishment.

Now if you want to make it static you can modify your connection:
$ nmcli con mod "CISCO" ipv4.method manual ipv4.address ipv4.dns, ipv4.gateway
You can see all your connections with:
$ nmcli con show

you can also directly edit NetworkManager configuration files in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/

cf https://developer.gnome.org/NetworkManager/stable/nmcli.html