Device tree for I2S0 on Hikey 960


Who can talk about i2s0_pmx_func and i2s0_cfg_func?


Hi, guodong. I set some fike as you said in 30, March. but there is no BCLK when I play some audio.


@guodong I could see I2S got enabled on Hikey960 and I assume this will work out-of box if we connect to codec board on LS expansion header on Hikey960.
#tinyplay /sdcard/Music/1khz_stereo_sinwave.wav -D 0 -d 0.
This will demonstrate play/capture audio data by ARM

However we like to send audio data directly from DSP to Codec board(i2s) or reading audio data from Codec board to DSP (i2s).

Could you please ask HiSilicon to provide the sample code to do same on latest AOSP ?


-d 0 is the HDMI. You need to use -d 1.
Your sound file needs to be 16 bit, 48 kHz, stereo.