Designing custom board - mating to high-speed and low-speed connectors?

Hi there!

I’m designing a custom board which will control some relays, lights, and other things by an Ultra96 board through the low-speed connector. It will also utilise a HDMI protocol, which requires the high-speed connector.

I was wondering if there were any recommended/specified parts to mate with these? So far, I have chosen these based on my own research, using part numbers 5177984-2 and 98424-G52-40ALF and have chosen a low-height post lengths on the low-speed so that it’s possible for both to mate at the same time. But I figured someone (especially the manufacturer) would have done this previously, and may have some advice to give.

Look forward to any help and information. Thank you!

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Hey Ric,

That is exactly 100% what I was looking for. Thanks so much. Really appreciate it!