Debian not start after DE Gnome uninstalled

I was trying xrandr command but it does not work

OK prevoius question never mind…
I removed Gnome 3 dektop and removed gdm…from emmc - and system does not boot. My intention was only boot to CLI. I have only black screen. alt+ctrl+F1 does not work too. System exist. but i have no idea why it does not run…

Can you give output from the debug uart? Without that its a shot in the dark :wink:

I bought a second-hand poplar with pre-installed debian 9 gnome 3. This Gui is a misunderstanding with 1GB of RAM. and it wasn’t possible to change the resolution from 1280x720 to 1080pp using xrandr. I uninstalled Gnome in the hope that they will have CLI. But you can see that something went wrong and the board does not start at all. I don’t have a micro usb serial port cable. I just ordered an aliexpress.

Poplar is an 96Boards enterprise board (with TV supplement). It has a UART adapter on-board already because it is mandatory for these boards.

from poplar documentation.:

Step 2: Boot the Poplar board into the u-boot prompt where flashing to eMMC is possible

  • Power on the Poplar board and interrupt its automated boot with a key press.

my question is which key???

It means send any character you like via the UART.