Debian install to eMMC not working

I installed dragonboard410c_sdcard_install_debian-283 to my Dragonboard 410c using dd. I then set the SD boot dip switch, and the dragon board brings you to a “linaro-installer login:” prompt. You can use username “linaro” and password “linaro” and login. This is not what the instructions say you should see. The instructions make it sound like you should see a GUI just like the android image installer, where you select an OS and click “Install”. I am navigating to this page:

and simply using Option 1, to grab an image to put on the SD Card, which I then would like “installed” on the eMMC. I saw another post with this same issue, and no one had an answer. The user did not do anything wrong, they did as I did, grabbed the image, wrote it to SD card.

I suspect the latest images are not behaving properly? Does anyone know what could be going on?

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