Debian boots into Android Fastboot version 0.7


I am using Ubuntu 18.04 as my host computer to attempt to install Debian Linux onto my Hikey 960.

I have confirmed that the board boots into AOSP and then followed the instructions at to install Debian images downloaded from

When I restart the board I can see the following output over the serial connection before the board enters Fastboot mode:

hikey960 boarid:5301 xloader use UART6                                                     
clear reset source                                                              
last_keypoint0,reboot_type0Enter>=Select Entry                                  
secdbg not DCU.                                                                 
SecDbgVer exit                                                            

 xloader chipid is: 0x36600110, start at 498ms.
Build Date: Dec  6 2017, 15:31:59
[clock_init] ++
hikey960 [hikey960_clk_init]
hi3660 [clk_setup]
[clock_init] --
storage type is UFS
ufs retry: 6 count v_tx:0 v_rx:0
ufs set v_tx:0 v_rx:0
Hikey960[5301] no need avs_init.
ddr ft:0xf20332a3,mode:1 target:4
density: 0x08080808,0x08080808,0x08080808,0x08080808,0x08080808,0x08080808,0x08080808,0x08080808 
ddr info 0x00000406 
C0R,V0x00000030 e:113
C1R,V0x0000002a e:66
C3R,V0x0000002a e:66
C0R,V0x0000002a e:66
C1R,V0x0000002b e:66
C2R,V0x0000002b e:66
C3R,V0x0000002b e:66
C0R,V0x0000002b e:66
C1R,V0x0000002c e:66
C2R,V0x0000002c e:66
C3R,V0x0000002c e:66
C0R,V0x0000002c e:66
C1R,V0x0000002d e:66
C2R,V0x0000002d e:66
C3R,V0x0000002d e:65
C0R,V0x0000002d e:65
C1R,V0x0000002e e:65
C2R,V0x0000002e e:65
C3R,V0x0000002e e:65
C0R,V0x0000002e e:65
C1R,V0x0000002f e:65
C2R,V0x0000002f e:65
C3R,V0x0000002f e:65
C2R,V0x0000002b e:113
C3R,V0x0000002b e:193
C0R,V0x0000002b e:113
C1R,V0x0000002b e:66
C2R,V0x0000002c e:66
C3R,V0x0000002c e:66
C0R,V0x0000002c e:66
C1R,V0x0000002c e:66
C2R,V0x0000002d e:66
C3R,V0x0000002d e:66
C0R,V0x0000002d e:65
C1R,V0x0000002d e:66
C2R,V0x0000002e e:65
C3R,V0x0000002e e:66
C0R,V0x0000002e e:65
C1R,V0x0000002e e:65
C2R,V0x0000002f e:65
C3R,V0x0000002f e:65
C0R,V0x0000002f e:65
C1R,V0x0000002f e:65
C2R,V0x00000030 e:65
C3R,V0x00000030 e:65
C3R,V0x00000015 e:193
C1R,V0x00000016 e:66
C2R,V0x00000016 e:66
C3R,V0x00000016 e:66
C0R,V0x00000017 e:66
C1R,V0x00000017 e:66
C2R,V0x00000017 e:66
C3R,V0x00000017 e:66
C2R,V0x00000016 e:193
C0R,V0x00000017 e:113
C1R,V0x00000017 e:113
C2R,V0x00000017 e:66
boot_c0 PROFILE 4
NOTICE:  BL2: v1.5(release):v1.5-149-gda9d1d59
NOTICE:  BL2: Built : 13:29:43, May 14 2018
NOTICE:  BL2: Booting BL31
NOTICE:  BL31: v1.5(release):v1.5-149-gda9d1d59
NOTICE:  BL31: Built : 13:29:44, May 14 2018
I/TC:  OP-TEE version: 3.0.0 #1 Mon May 14 13:29:41 UTC 2018 aarch64
I/TC:  Initialized
UEFI firmware (version Alpha built at 13:29:12 on May 14 2018)

I have been struggling with attempting to install Debian on this board for over a week, including attempting to boot from SD with no success.


@morgdx AFAIK, SD boot is currently not supported on hikey960. It seems that UEFI is not able to recognise EFI boot partition on UFS flash. Please again try to flash boot*.img and rootfs*.img on UFS flash via UEFI fastboot mode.

Hi Sumit, sorry, I wasn’t clear, this is with the flashed boot and system image and no SD card inserted.

@morgdx As I have mentioned before, please try again to flash boot*.img and rootfs*.img on UFS flash via UEFI fastboot mode. It could be a flashing issue.

OK, thanks Sumit. I will try again via UEFI fast boot mode.

Thanks Sumit, the problem was fixed by using the UEFI fast boot mode using -v latest.