Debian 16.04 changing OV5645 to be front camera

The Android supports OV5645 as a front camera and the latest Debian release supports it as rear camera.
What should be changed in order to follow Android configuration?

The changes i have done till now are in blsp_i2c6 section:
camera@78 {
compatible = “ovti,ov5645”;
reg = <0x78>;

			enable-gpios = &lt;&amp;msmgpio 33 0&gt;;
			reset-gpios = &lt;&amp;msmgpio 28 1&gt;;
			pinctrl-names = "default";
			pinctrl-0 = &lt;&amp;camera_front_default&gt;;

			clocks = &lt;&amp;gcc GCC_CAMSS_MCLK1_CLK&gt;;
			clock-names = "xclk";

			vdddo-supply = &lt;&amp;camera_vdddo_1v8&gt;;
			vdda-supply = &lt;&amp;camera_vdda_2v8&gt;;
			vddd-supply = &lt;&amp;camera_vddd_1v5&gt;;

			port {
				ov5645_ep: endpoint {
					clock-lanes = &lt;1&gt;;
					data-lanes = &lt;0 2&gt;;
					remote-endpoint = &lt;&amp;csiphy0_ep&gt;;

The camera was recognized and everything works except there is no preview and no captured image.
Thank you.


please have a look at this commit:

this is where we moved the OV5645 from front to rear. I haven’t tested the front myself, but i know it has been tested.

Thank you
I have done the changes and everything is working properly.

Don’t mean to Hijack the thread but I’m wondering where I can find a ov5645 camera module? Looks like you guys seem to have access to one. Will help me out tons, thanks.

To test the different features i have three boards in my lab.
Two Dragonboards and one made by Variscite - VAR-SD410CustomBoard.
It has dual camera extension and some other nice features.

Thanks for the tip, I found the board:

Did you guys build a break out board? Doesn’t look like the 60 pin connector matches 96board’s pinout.

No, i just testing on this one, not on the dragon board.
If you need a sensor, i believe kailaptech making one.

I would like to start (in software) with a ready made OV5645 module before doing a hw adaption for the module we intend to use. Any ideas where I can get such an ov5645 base camera modukle for the 96boards standard specifically for the 410c board?


I haven’t used it, but it’s linked from


Looks like they only have 1 left in stock…