DDR memory frequency


Is it possible to get frequency of memory ?
And can we change it?


There have four patches for DDR devfreq driver, which has not been merged into AOSP kernel:

You could see the related changes in the page. After apply the patches, you could check current DDR devfreq from node: /sys/class/devfreq/ddr_devfreq/cur_freq. You could set it with below commands:

echo userspace > /sys/class/devfreq/ddr_devfreq/governor
echo 685000000 > /sys/class/devfreq/ddr_devfreq/min_freq
echo 685000000 > /sys/class/devfreq/ddr_devfreq/max_freq


working fine


Can someone point out how to change the DDR memory freq of Hikey 960 running linaro debian?
The debian version is rootfs-linaro-stretch-developer-hikey-20180521-18.img.
There is nothing in the directory /sys/class/devfreq.


I don’t think this feature is available in the kernel used for these snapshots. You could try compiling the current Android kernel instead.