Db820c : GPS not working on linux

Thanks @ndec. I will try to investigate it.

I’m noticing that the pds patch for gpsd is over a year old, and hasn’t made it upstream yet. What’s the hold up? I’ve been working with gpsd upstream for just a few days now, and I’m finding them to be extremely responsive. They’ve already merged several patches that I’ve provided to them for supporting Android.

I think part of the reason is that the code does not work as expected on 820C.

I have been working with linux based system, and the file system is from
And I do have installed:
qrtr-apps gnss-gpsd qdsp-config

Being new to GPS framework,need some help on how to fix:
$ systemctl start qdsp-start.service
Failed to start qdsp-start.service: Unit qdsp-start.service not found.

CGPS & GPSMON didnt print NMEA strings…
Is there anything I’m doing wrong?? Any reference/reading suggestions?? Thanks…

I’m afraid the situation hasn’t changed since Apr 1:

In other words the components needed for GPS have been enabled in the Debian snapshot images but are known not to be working.

Thanks @danielt, will continue to debug from my perspective…
Please do update if you find them(cgps & gpsmon) working.

Any update on GPS in DB820c Debian?
Can someone give pointers to debug this further?



Hello Team,

Any update on GPS in DB820c?



Any update on GPS support on Dragonboard 820c?

AFAIK, there is no plan for now.

I have tried to rebuild gpsd & after having replaced all new set of binaries (gpsd,cgps,gpsmon the systemd service & socket file also lib*.so files) to respective locations.
I found that in gpsd.service:


But there is no such service:

systemctl status chronyd
Unit chronyd.service could not be found.

Is it the error causing gpsd service not to function properly??
I even tried reloading service with:

This loaded /usr/bin/gpsd , still no luck with NMEA strings…
Any suggestions ?? Thanks in advance…