Db820c : GPS not working on linux

Thanks @ndec. I will try to investigate it.

I’m noticing that the pds patch for gpsd is over a year old, and hasn’t made it upstream yet. What’s the hold up? I’ve been working with gpsd upstream for just a few days now, and I’m finding them to be extremely responsive. They’ve already merged several patches that I’ve provided to them for supporting Android.

I think part of the reason is that the code does not work as expected on 820C.

I have been working with linux based system, and the file system is from
And I do have installed:
qrtr-apps gnss-gpsd qdsp-config

Being new to GPS framework,need some help on how to fix:
$ systemctl start qdsp-start.service
Failed to start qdsp-start.service: Unit qdsp-start.service not found.

CGPS & GPSMON didnt print NMEA strings…
Is there anything I’m doing wrong?? Any reference/reading suggestions?? Thanks…

I’m afraid the situation hasn’t changed since Apr 1:

In other words the components needed for GPS have been enabled in the Debian snapshot images but are known not to be working.

Thanks @danielt, will continue to debug from my perspective…
Please do update if you find them(cgps & gpsmon) working.