DB410c, Windows 10 Iot, 5-inch, 800x480 Touchscreen


Does anyone have a DB410c running Windows 10 Iot working with a 5-inch, 800x480, touchscreen monitor? If so, I would be very appreciative to know what monitor you are using and how you got it to work.

We cannot seem to get around the 720pi native boot resolution of the DB410c.

We have a DB410c under Windows IoT (17763) connected to a 5-inch GeeekPi touchscreen. Either due to scaling or resolution, the image is off-screen to the right. It seems that using panelcfg.xml on the micro SD card could correct this BUT the only config files I’ve seen are for 1920x1080 and 1280x720 resolution. If someone out there has created a panelcfg.xml file for 800x480 screens, I would be very grateful to get it.

Thanks in advance,

Clyde Ford