DB410C AOSP Graphics Artifacts

I am working towards using the DB410C for an embedded touch display. I am using Android as the os running on the dragonboard. I have built with previous aosp master branches (in the dates 4-25 to June timeframe) which have no graphics issues. When running aosp master latest, and even getting Android 10 to boot, I am having some Artifacts similar to screen tearing. What can I do to debug this issue?

Using the db410c with a TI SN65DSI86 bridge to convert DSI to eDP, and driving an innolux N173HGE-E11 panel. Using amits 5.2 Kernel with some patches to get the display running. I’ve experience similar issues with the 4.14 kernel as well. Like I said, previous aosp master builds work perfectly fine, so I know it isn’t hardware. Kernel is exactly the same between builds.

I should also point out I see this using mesa3d 19.0.3 and in master AOSP now, so it isn’t opengl related. It also only happens when doing touch events too, like pulling up the app drawer or pulling down notification bar