DB410C Android serial console login


I am trying to figure out how to get login prompt over serial console (/dev/ttyHSL0) on android.
I get kernel messages over serial, but i would like to get login prompt so that i wouldnt have to use USB/adb.
If i am not mistaken there is no getty program on android to get me login prompt? I tried compiling and using aagetty (https://github.com/aospan/aagetty) with no success.

Any help would be appreciated

I won’t give you the final answer but some hints of what I found working on the serial port and Android.
When I was using the Android 5.1 I usually used ADB or I used the sensors mezzanine to communicate as the console. The mezzanine has a USB connector and connect well with the serial port.
The Audio mezzanine works the same.
When I went to Android 6.0 I encountered this problem that you can find here:

So I stopped here the use of the console and went to ADB exclusively.
Hope this will help somewhat.

Thanks for reply.
We have a custom board and serial ports work. Only problem is that i would like to have shell access over serial. Because when i use USB/ADB i cannot use other USB devices (mouse, Ethernet adapter …)

If you access from the mezzanine you do not stop the communication. It is the console.

There is already a shell running by default on ttyHSL0 in the Android images for DB410C.

So i got another dragonboard and this one works. So it looks like i fried uart on previous one, that is why i couldnt get console/shell login. Thanks for all replies.