Db 845 kernel build from source

Hi , I am trying to build a kernel from source and I am following the instructions from http://releases.linaro.org/96boards/dragonboard845c/linaro/debian/20.02/.
I was able to get through all the steps and flash the boot image to db845, but the screen dint come up.
I have tried to boot the image given in the link stated above , that gave up the screen.
I have 2 concerns following the instructions in the link:

make -j4 Image.gz dtbs KERNELRELEASE=5.2.0-qcomlt-arm64
make -j4 modules KERNELRELEASE=5.2.0-qcomlt-arm64
these instructions say 5.2.0 as the kernelrelease, and the download link for initrd for 5.2.0 doesnt exist.(http://releases.linaro.org/96boards/dragonboard845c/linaro/debian/20.02/initrd.img-5.2.0-qcomlt-arm64%20-O%20initrd.img).
So I downloaded the initrd for 5.4.0

So when I am using mkbootimg tool, I am clubbing Image+dtb of 5.2.0 and initrd of 5.4
This might be obvious why my boot image is not proper, but just wanted confirmation.

And the link says The kernel modules need to be put in the root file system, under /lib/modules folder. To export the built modules, please run:
make modules_install KERNELRELEASE=5.2.0-qcomlt-arm64 INSTALL_MOD_STRIP=1 INSTALL_MOD_PATH=folder>

So I created a folder kernelmodules in root and now my folder structure is /kernelmodules/lib/modules
Is this right?
And how do I transfer the kernel modules onto the target root file system?

Also, once I make a bootimg in mkbootimg tool, can I just download an available bootloader, rootfs and flash all 3 to db845?


The release note is incorrect, replace 5.2.0-qcomlt-arm64 with 5.4.0-qcomlt-arm64

Thanks for your reply Loic,
I am trying to compile from source the latest release 5.7, but I do not find a tag for 5.7 kernel on db845.
I am referring to the tag on https://git.linaro.org/landing-teams/working/qualcomm/kernel.git/
For ex: For 5.4 kernel on db845 , it was debian-qcom-dragonboard845c-20.02
Can someone please help with the issue?

The one you are looking for is “release/qcomlt-5.7” and it applies to all dragonboards… 410, 820, 845.