DB 410c Windows 10 IoT 5" Touch-Screen

Can someone point me to a 5" capacitive touch-screen that works with the DB410c running Windows IoT?

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If you are looking for a rugged type to mount on vehicles check Xenarc.com otherwise look for a check in Amazon.

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Unfortunately, Xenarc has no 5" models. When I looked on Amazon, I saw models by Adafruit, Elecrow, and GeeekPi. But some of the comments say they did not work with a DB 410c.

So, I’d still be curious to know what specific 5" HDMI touch-screens folks have gotten to work with the DB410c running Windows 10 IoT.

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I see, one other alternative is to use viewfinders for profesional/broadcast video cameras. They are 4 or 5" and up. Many have several video inputs, including HDMI, but the budget will be a bit stiff for those feature rich monitors. If your application allows it, you will get a very high quality monitor. I haven’t test them myself yet so, make sure you have the option to return it or test several before you commit your $$. Here is one to point you in the right direction: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/buy/items/ci/38624

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Thank you very much. That’s an excellent suggestion, which I’ll make to the customer.

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