CryptoCurrency Mining on Hikey 970


I see that there are many people mining with clusters of raspberry pi and im thinking of trying it with hikey970.

Since there is 6gb of ram I think it will do much better than the PI. Memory seems to be there biggest setback.

Due to the mali G72 gpu i think it might be possible to gpu mine as well using open cl.

The other great thing is the mini pci and m.2 key M with a GPU Riser could potentially run a card like Nvidia Tesla K20. The K20 has to be a good miner.

Anyway i just wonder if anyone has tried this or has thought about it at all.


I stumbled upon the fact that AMD’s RX Vega 64 is very productive in GPU Mining.
This gets me excited because i have already completed a lot of research on this card.

The best thing about the card is the fact that there are open source linux drivers for every compute function the card is capable of. with that in mind others have compiled the Rocm Compute modules for AARCH64 and ARM64 so I think it’s possible to use it paired with the Hikey970.

I have mini pcie to pcie X16 GPU Risers that are externally powered.
I also have m.2 key M to pcie X16 GPU risers.

I know hikey970 has the PEX8606 pcie Switch with 6 lanes.

One lane is dedicated to the onboard ethernet and i am unsure of how many lanes are available to each of the pcie connectors.

One question i have is weather it is possible to manipulate the lanes and attach them to the connector i wish to use. I don’t know if this is sowftware controlled or if it is in the circuit paths physically.

At any rate the Vega 64 series of the card circumvent the need of the pcie to be wired directly to the root and not behind a switch.
And i think the broadcom PEX8606 has the root functions needed to run all of the compute modules. I have to look over some things then i will come back to that topic.

The other cards require specific capabilities of the pcie and the cpu so staying with the vega 64 series i think is the best option.

Soon as i have about $600 to spend on the card and a power supply I know that my impulsive self will certainly find out.

I planned on buying that exact card just to see if i could get everything working on hikey970. Having the ability to mine with the card at least provides some way for me to get my investment back.

Why do this with a hikey970? Well why not.
I bought the hikey 970 specifically because it has the pcie expansion ports and planned to test a GPU. This should be fun and interesting for sure.

Like i said any thoughts or comments are welcome.
Sorry if i posted this in the wrong section.


You’re going to lose money just on the electricity cost.


You could very well be correct and that depends on many factors like difficulty and the coin being mined.

Aside from that not considering profitability, I think it would be a great way to learn a lot of stuff. I spend a good percentage of my extra money on development boards and electronic components because i simply love learning and playing with the stuff.

The arm64 boards are very low power so that is helpful.

Granted this is a old post but here is a thread where someone compared the RX Vega64 and it shows making up to $170 a month with one card.