Creating recovery partition

I am working on Debian image provided by
I’m using
I need to create partition for recovery & as per my understanding it should be mentioned in rawprogram.xml. But I need support on how to configure a whole new partition which updates board by putting it in recovery mode & flashing recovery.img by command fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

You can follow this guide:, simply use 820c subdir instead of 410c. Let me know if something unclear.


I have the same query as asked above…
On cloning the git files as suggested:
DB820c dir doesn’t have partitions.txt file as in
So should we modify partition.xml?

Thanks in advance.

the tools we use for DB410c, unfortunately, don’t work for DB820c. the reason is that they don’t work when target disk as 4K sector size such as with UFS disk.

partition.xml file is used a the ‘main’ source to create the GPT, and from that file, gpt_*.bin and rawprogram.xml are generated. i don’t think the tools used for the generation are public though. there is a branch “4k-sector” in db-boot-tools where I started to fix the tools for 4k sector size, but it’s not functional… and I never got back to it.

so , right now , you really can’t update the GPT easily. let me have a look at this old branch… i am not even sure what the status was back then…

Thanks for the support.
Please let me know if at all enabling recovery partition is supported.

I found that partition.xml file isn’t given away to all users in case of DB820c. In lk/aboot/aboot.c ; there are instances where partitions are declared as *critical_flash_allowed_ptn[] ,so working on it.
Thanks for the quick response…