Creating containers on hikey 960

The hikey 960 board can be flashed with the images given under linaro snapshots.
All of the images are android.

I would like to create LXC containers on the hikey960 board. Is there a way to do it.

Please suggest

Actually there are linux snapshots, however it’s a special distro called rpb, and you might have to build your own packages. There are also guides to install debian on hikey960. I haven’t tried it personally though.

Linux snapshots are used for flashing an OS onto the board. But I would like to do an OS Level Virtualization on the Android OS

It would be expected to work providing you have enabled the right features in the kernel and built the LXC tools but I’ve never seen a step by step guide.

However I did notice this (including your comment which suggests you are already trying to build the LXC tools):

It looks to me like these instructions are how to cross compile the LXC tools so the gist needs to run on x86/Ubuntu not on Arm/Android.