Could not turn on hotspot in android 10

Hi all,

I am investigating android wifi on hikey960 using android 10 r2.
Unable to turn on hotspot from UI, getting below error :

04-24 22:58:36.957 2685 2783 E HostapdHal: Registering IHostapd service ready callback.
04-24 22:58:36.958 2685 2783 I android_os_HwBinder: HwBinder: Starting thread pool for getting: android.hidl.manager@1.0::IServiceManager/default
04-24 22:58:36.962 2685 2783 E HostapdHal: Successfully triggered start of hostapd using HIDL
04-24 22:58:41.989 2685 2783 E WifiNative: Failed to connect to hostapd
04-24 22:58:41.989 2685 2783 E WifiNative: Failed to start hostapd
04-24 22:58:41.989 2685 2783 E SoftApManager: setup failure when creating ap interface.

I have already registered hostapd service in init.rc :
service hostapd /system/vendor/bin/hw/hostapd
-e /data/misc/wifi/entropy.bin -c /data/misc/wifi/hostapd.conf -dddddddt
interface android.hardware.wifi.hostapd@1.0::IHostapd default
interface android.hardware.wifi.hostapd@1.1::IHostapd default
socket wpa_wlan0 dgram 660 wifi wifi
class main

But still ServiceManager is unable to fetch IHostapd.getService().
Can someone please guide me on this.

Thanks in advance,