Could HiKey 960 support 1080x1920 Portrait Mode?


My DSI panel’s resolution is 1080x1920 instead of 1920x1080. (i.e. hdisplay=1080 and vdisplay=1920)
How could I support this resolution on HiKey960? Please help!


I have the same question. Have you managed to resolve this?

Am currently trying to connect the 960 to a Top Foison 6" display via HDMI but am getting a blank screen. The TF display works fine when connected to my laptop so am asuming the portrait/landscape issue is the reason.



Unfortunately we never resolved this issue. We ended up using the mipi interface to drive a different panel, but that also required modifying the display timings in the kernel driver.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.



You could refer to Customized HDMI display resolution and timing

There is a bug on DRM driver that could not support all resolutions


Hi Kris,

I’m wondering what panel you ended up using with MIPI interface? Can you also share the configuration you changed in the kernel driver?