Consumer Edition 96Board AI Open-Source Kicad

Hi everyone.

Want to get back into hardware.

I was hoping to design a kicad board that has the same dimensions and ports like the Consumer Edition.

Does anyone have a reference file that. I know a few of the boards are fully open-source but I don’t use Altium, prefer to use Kicad.

Leaning towards a SBC style AI board.

Any tips and suggestions are much appreciated.

I’m not aware of any base board example designs using kicad. There is the community mezzanine project which (as you can probably guess) is for mezzanine boards. In other words it’s not enough but it might give you a modest headstart with footprint, mounting holes and the LS connector location.

Oh Ic, my apologies I always thought majority of the 96 boards where open source at least the input output connectors.

Maybe a very minimal standard template would be a good resource for future users?

Super basic like
2 Connectors (highspeed and gpio headers)
2 usb
1 usb-c for power
1 usb-c for host

All of the details you need to lay out a board are available in the specifications documentation;

In particular, see page 24 and 26.
And you will also note that the board you have pictured does not actually comply with the specifications (the ethernet port is too high for the area it is located in, the sdcard slot is on the wrong side of the board, etc.), so it is not really a good choice for an example :wink: