Connecting ssd1309 display to the db410c as Framebuffer device

I am trying to connect this display [0] using i2c and make it working as an framebuffer device so that I can use that display for android. I have connected the display to the i2c1 port on the board. i2cdetect shows the device as well. I am using QcomLT 4.14 kernel. Linux mainline has driver for ssd1309 display. I have made changes in the dts to use that driver as per this [1].

&blsp_i2c6 {
   status = "okay";
   #address-cells = <1>;
   #size-cells = <0>;

   ssd1309: oled@3c {
     compatible = "solomon,ssd1309fb-i2c";
     reg = <0x3c>;
     solomon,width = <128>;
     solomon,height = <64>;
     solomon,page-offset = <0>;

as this [1] says and as well as per driver code , PWM is only needed for ssd1307 display. but if i didn’t add pwms property, kernel panicked. no logs and all. My display doesn’t have any PWM as well. Please help me to make it work the driver with my display in db410c.

[0] - SparkFun Transparent Graphical OLED Breakout (Qwiic) - LCD-15173 - SparkFun Electronics
[1] - ssd1307fb.txt « display « bindings « devicetree « Documentation - kernel/git/stable/linux.git - Linux kernel stable tree