Connecting remotely to Dragonboard via putty or Winscp


Hello there,
I have a Dragonboard 410c which I’ve installed Android Lollipop in and connected to WiFi. I now would like to connect to the device remotely via PC which is connected to the same WiFi using putty or WinSCP. It worked to me before, when I had the Linux Debian installed the in board, but for some reason I couldn’t do that with Android.

Can someone please advise?

Thanks in advance


Don’t think ssh server is run by default on Android. If it’s not available, you might need to install an app first that runs an ssh server for you.
Or just try connecting using adb.


Hi vchong,
I need to connect the pc to Dragonboard via WiFi and without a cable. ADB won’t work here, i’m afraid…



Would the link bellow help you connecting Dragonboard via WiFi?


no it didn’t. I’ve done the commands in the device, but when I run “adb connect…” in the pc, it won’t connect to it