Connecting DB410C With Windows 10 IOT to Azure

I am having trouble connecting the DB to Azure. Can anyone give me some pointers. I’m a not very experienced hobbyist so an UI method would be best if there is one. The device appears to be working fine and connects to the Windows Device Portal. To connect to Azure I’m assuming I need to use the TPM and Azure Clients tabs but I do not understand what to input. A screenshot is attached. TPM shows installed - Yes. Many thanks.

Wrong forum. Nobody here will support the virus you’re trying to use as an operating system.

I’d advise you ask this on the Windows 10 IoT MSDN Support Forum . You are certainly very welcome to post here but there really aren’t very many Windows users hanging out on this forum. Whilst it is possible this will resonate with somebody, it isn’t very likely you’ll get a useful reply here. In short, you’ll attract more eyeballs on a different site.