Connect hikey960 to Raspberry PI 7" Toouch Screen Display

Hey everyone,

i want to use High Speed Expansion Connector (DSI connection) to connect my hikey960 to a Raspberry PI 7" touch Screen Display .
Honestly I had a personnel project and i want to replace the Raspberry Pi by hikey960 to obtain better performance but i couldn’t find any information about how to use high speed expansion connector and i couldn’t even find the adapter that can replace my DSI Ribbon cable.

So if anyone have an idea, please share it.

It isn’t worth it to make that display work on a hikey960. It may be marginally useful on boards that support multiple displays, like dragonboard 820c, but these (hikey/960) only have a single display interface. You can use that interface either for a DSI panel, or through the DSI-to-HDMI converter to run an HDMI display.

What you’re up against here, is essentially designing, printing, and assembling your own custom circuit board… and then writing all the software needed to bring up your particular panel. There is a HUGE amount of work to do there, that you can skip over entirely just by selecting an HDMI display.

Lets look at it from the basis of the value of your time. If your time is only worth $5 an hour, then THIS panel (!/7-black-frame-universal-HDMI-LCD-with-capacitive-multi-touch/p/21750201/category=3094861) has a value of 25 hours of your time.

I promise you that you will NOT get that pi panel working in just 25 hours. And to top that off, that pi panel is a junk panel – only 800x480, whereas the one I linked to is 1280x800. Shop around on ebay, and you even find better deals on better panels (like the high brightness version of that panel hsd070pww1-c00 – 690 nits).

hey @doitright ,

it is a little sad that hikey960 only have a single display interface i was thinking about another challenge ( controlling two screen with hikey960) any way thank you for your help and for your advice i will buy this Panel and give it a try.

thank you again :slight_smile:

The only thing you really need to keep in mind about that monitor, is that while it can be powered over USB, the USB power on the hikey960 is switched on too late for the display to be initialized reliably, so its best to power it by other means. I’ve been using pins 37/39 of the low speed connector for power supply. You can also use the external power adapter that they offer with it, but I think it costs extra.

I will keep that in mind .
thank you for your advice.