Concurrent WLAN + BT reception not working

Hi to all!
I installed the latest version of Debian on DragonBoard 410c (DB410c-STD Rev:B) from link on my SD card.

I developed app, which receives notifications from my BLE device on DragonBoard, parses them and sends values from device by MQTT on server every second.
According to WCN3620 device specification, in this IC must be concurrent WLAN + BT reception. But my program crashes, as firstly BLE receive notifications, but i cannot see all of them on server, as WLAN link is getting down. (ping is not working after stop executing my program). This program works normally on other platforms.

Any ideas?

Bluetooth/wifi coexistance is very hit-or-miss. Yes, technically the hardware supports it, but unfortunately, it is not as effective as you would hope it to be, even if it is implemented on the software side (which I can neither confirm nor deny).

My suggestion would be to use a wired network, or try an external wifi dongle that works with 5 GHz.

Could you please try with a latest snapshot instead, AFAIR we recently updated the firmware.

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Thanks for mentioning this! I didn’t know snapshots existed.
I’ve always had wifi issues that made my board unusable for me, but I’ve installed the latest snapshot and it has been running fine for a whole night :smiley:

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