Charger related queries

Hello Team,

We are working on a product based on DB410 and working on Linaro-18.01 release.

We have a query related to charger in LK.

After testing the device in off mode with the charger connected(the device is in LK), We notice that the charging mode is in constant current mode only (and not pass to the Constant Voltage),

The problem that was found is that after the charger is stopped in this case the battery stops being charged but the battery becomes a source of energy for the device which is always in LK mode which consumes 155 mA.

We would like that after the charger disconnects to charge the battery, the wall charger gives 155mA for the device and not the battery.

See the attached picture :
In Blue : the current of the wall charger.
Red: the current through the battery.
Green: the voltage on the battery.

Please suggest here.

Parth Y Shah

The DB410C does not support battery charging and any capability to perform any kind of charging in the Linaro images for DB410C is untested and unsupported. I think you would need to raise charging issues with your chip vendor.