Changing regulated voltage from 2.8V to 1.8V

Seems all GPIOs are 2.8V instead of 1.8V. The schematics and the RDA8810PL chip datasheet mention there are 2 modes 1.8V and 2.8V.

There is no information how one can switch to 1.8V. Currently at 2.8V this board is not compatible with the 96boards IE spec unless it is 1.8V.

Has anyone figured how the internal regulators can be configured in 1.8V mode?

There is a voltage level configuration pin VSPIM_VSEL (U11) that according to the datasheet sets the V_SPIMEM voltage to 2.8V when ‘0’ and 1.8V when ‘1’ But there is no such pin for V_PAD which is what could set the voltage level down to 1.8V and make this board 96boards IE compliant.

Voltage regulator is placed in SoC and is initialized from software. So there is posibility to change this level fom software. I’m afraid it’s hard coded, nut should check.

Any progress on changing V_PAD voltage between 2.8V and 1.8V ? - I need ist also…