Change resolution to half fullHD (Android)


I have DragonBoard 410c. And now I need connect this board to the ultrawide monitor with resolution 1920540 and then show video to full screen (1920540)

In default setting I see only half part desktop.
I try use adb interface for change it, but no result :frowning:

first I try: adb shell wm size 1920x540
result: reduced desktop but show at the bottom :frowning: I see only black screen
then I return resolution to 1920*1080 and the I try: adb shell wm overscan 0,0,0,540
result: I see desktop on all screen with good resolution but did not see any control buttons on the screen :frowning:

then I try command wm density and othe command in various combinations, but can`t make HDMI output 1920*540 (native resolution for my monitor)

I am very sad, because I plan buy about 3000-5000 this boards and connect to the my monitors :(( may be anyone know any solution?


Hi @Andrey Zorkin

The resolution you are trying has a couple issues. It is not a “Standard” HDMI resolution. This doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t work, but it certainly hasn’t been tested. I did post some hints about what resolutions have been tested, and where the source code is located HERE.

Having said that, the hardware it may well work, just not tested. The HDMI output is generated by a MIPI-CSI to HDMI bridge chip (ADV7535), the actual MIPI-CSI output on the 410c chip is fully capable of generating 1920x540 native resolution. There are hints on how to program the MIPI-CSI output HERE

The other issue is the Android operating system (the higher layers above the device driver), again your resolution has not been tested, and again it may work, or it may require some patches. There is some more information about the Android display system HERE.

Hope this helps.

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