Change console port


I have a proprietary board based on DB410c running linaro-developer. At the runtime the UART1 (used as console) needs to execute another functionality, so, I need to change the console port.

I tried to change the /etc/default/console-setup “ACTIVE_CONSOLES=”/dev/tty[1-6]"" to “ACTIVE_CONSOLES=”/dev/ttyUSB0"", which I have already tested sending/receiving data manually.

After restarting ‘console-setup.service’ the console still working at the default port (ttyMSM0).

“linaro-developer[1520]: Couldn’t open /dev/ttyUSB0
linaro-developer[1415]: /bin/setupcon: 197: cannot open /dev/ttyUSB0: Resource temporarily unavailable”

Command 'lsof" also returns nothing.

Please, someone could give me a tip on this?