CCI I2C interface of Snapdragon 820

Hello there,

May I ask if there is a packet size limitation on CCI I2C pins? What is the reason CCI I2C interface cannot be used as general purpose I2C?

Many thanks.

CCI is only a subset of I2C (7-bit addressing only, no multi-master support…), though it should be compatible with most of I2C devices. There is nothing preventing you to try communicating with a I2C device.

According to the driver max byte per message is 10-byte for write and 12-byte for read.

Thank you very much for the reply.

So I wonder if I can just change the limitation in driver to increase the limitation? Or is this something to do with hardware?

Also do I2C interface 19 I2C1_SCL I2C1_SCL (APQ GPIO_7) and 21 I2C1_SDA I2C1_SDA (APQ GPIO_6) have the same limitation?

Is there anyway I can re-config GPIO on Dragonboard 820?

Many thanks