Can't tell whether dragonboard 410c is working properly

Hi there,

I just tried to power up and run my new dragonboard410c. I followed all of the steps in the manual. When I plug in the power supply, the “bt” LED blips once. I waited a couple of minutes for Android to boot but nothing happened.

Are the LED’s supposed to behave differently if there is adequate power? Kind of confused.

Thanks for any help.

  • justin

Check if your power plug is the correct size and specification.
Very often this can a bad connection, the board receive current at plugin and then the “loose” plug sporadically does not make a good contact and loose the power.
The power supply circular plug MUST be 4.75 x 1.75mm and nothing else. If this one is not exactly the size you might have a bad connection.

Other be sure you are using correct power supply specs.


Hello Justin,

Its always recommended to see the console output through UART pins available on LS expansion header. If you don’t own a mezzanine which has UART out, please connect 1.8v compatible USB to UART or use a level shifter.


I am using the Autec Supply WM24P6-12-A-QL which was recommended by Arrow. It is spec’d at 4.75 x 1.75mm I believe.

@Mani, could you help me understand how to set this up? I don’t have a mezzanine with UART out and I am unfamiliar with using a level shifter. I would prefer to use a USB to check the console output.