Can Little Kernel Boot into UEFI?

I have an ARMv8 phone (Redmi Note 10S) with Little Kernel. I want to install an operating system as UEFI (like Windows 11, FreeBSD, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS). As far as I know, there is only EFIDroid, but it is for Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs with ARMv7 architecture. My device has MediaTek Helio G95 (MT6785).

In short, yes. For example a good technical approach might be to chainload u-boot (which can make itself look enough like a Linux kernel that it can be loaded by LK).

Having said that don’t underestimate how much effort it will be to port u-boot to MT6785. Similar to not overestimate how useful EFI support would be in getting generic OS to load on MT6785: the generic OS would still need to get lots of MT6785 (or board) specific drivers from somewhere in order to do anything useful.

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Firstly, thank you. Das U-Boot instead of Coreboot? Is there a guide for porting a Das U-Boot?

coreboot cannot load UEFI applications directly so to meet your goal you will have to port something that can load UEFI applications which usually means either EDK2 or u-boot.

EFIdroid is interesting in that (AFAICT) it is EDK2 ported but linked directly to LittleKernel (rather than being loaded by it as the LittleKernel β†’ u-boot β†’ grub β†’ kernel chains tend to be).

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