Can I power DB410C from a 9v power supply?

thanks for replying actually i ahev a power restriction in project so just
wanna ask is it possible to handle dragon board on 9 v power supply.

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Yes, DB410C can be powerd from 9v (see the Hardware User Manual for more details):

Hi @nageshkar

DragonBoard was designed to accept a wide range of input voltages, anything between 6.5V, and 18V will work fine. Keep in mind that “Voltage” and “Power” are different things. The amount of Power your board will use is independent of the voltage, although it is highly dependent on your software. The "“Current” (I) required is a function of Power ( P) and Voltage (V), P=VI. As an example, if your board and software is drawing a current of 300mA while operating at 12V (Power=VI=12x300=3600mW), and you reduce the supply voltage to 9V, the current will increase to I=P/V=3600/9=400mA. The Power will remain constant.

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