Can I get help with HID over I2C?

I made a development environment by connecting the Touch Input device to the x20 board through I2C.
The purpose is to activate HID over I2C and receive touch coordinates through HID descriptor.

I looked at the “HID Over I2C Protocol Specification.docx” document provided by microsoft and the documents related to x20, but since I am a beginner, I am not sure what to start with.

Can anyone please help me on how to approach it for beginners?

This is what you are looking for;

You need to add the driver to your kernel build using CONFIG_I2C_HID=y
And you will need to add a node to your devicetree by following the instructions;

Thanks for the help. It feels like the fog is clearing.

I will try based on the method you suggested.

And, I have one more question.
The kernel I am using is v3.18, but does hid over i2c not work in the old version?

If the driver is present in the source, should be fine.