Can I format MicroSD card "Mac OS Extended" to boot up the Ultra96v2?

I just got a new Avnet Ultra96-v2 kit, minus the preloaded image SD Card.

So building a new SD Card to boot up the device. I have a “32 GB” Kingston and I tried to format “MS-DOS Fat” - It failed on my Mac “High Sierra”.

== Cut and Paste from Disk Utility ==
Tried formatting the 32GB Kingston
Unmounting disk
Creating the partition map
Waiting for partitions to activate
Formatting disk2s1 as MS-DOS (FAT) with name UNTITLED
newfs_msdos: 511 clusters too few clusters for FAT32, need 65525
512 bytes per physical sector

Mounting disk
Could not mount disk2s1 after erase
File system formatter failed.
Operation failed…
== End Cut and Paste ==

  1. My other choice is “Ex_Fat” - Is it a valid option ?

Seems to be Flashing now.

The Downloads SD Card page does not list the Card Format ( MS_DOS/Ex-FAT/Mac OS Journalled), Make ( Kingston, Sandisk, HP etc) or Type of Card ( Class 10 etc).
Hence this question.

I’m using Etcher SD Card installation tool to burn the image.

Following instructions from this link.
Appreciate any inputs.

The Ex_FAT formatted micro sd card also “failed” to burn the image.
So, I suspect that the Kingston 32 GB may not be a suitable SD card.

You don’t need to format the SDCARD, when you write the image, SDCARD is overwritten with image content (including filesystem).