Can I enable camera for Dragonboard 845c (yocto )?

Hey Vinay,

I’m hoping to have some very rough, but functional code to share next week.

Hello ndec,
May I know if there is support for Panasonic’s mn 34906 ToF camera on db845 (interface - MIPI CSI2)?

Hey PowerRanger,

As far as I know, there is no upstream driver for that sensor. But as a rule of thumb, the ISP is able to output whatever format the sensor puts on the CSI bus.

Thanks Robert,
Can you please tell me how to get it working with the ISP and CSI bus? Can you direct me to any resources?

Here’s the current really rough branch that I’m working out of. It’s been confirmed to be working with the ov8856 sensor on the RB3/db845c board at a resolution of 3264x2448.