Can I control (pull up) RESOUT_N pin AV1

RESOUT_N pin is connected to reset of EMMC. I want to pull up this pin.
Don’t know where I need to make changes in LK or Kernel.
Thanks in Advance

AFAIK it is not possible to programaticaly configure pull-up for RESOUT_N pin, only drive strength. Why do you want pull-up on this one.

@Loic This is required for the externally connected New EMMC part. The data sheet of this new part suggests to keep this pin high.

How to configure the drive strength of this pin?.
Can I drive this pin HIGH some how as we do not have any provision for hardware pull up.
Below are the boot up logs for LK

[0] [0] welcome to lk

[10] [10] platform_init()
[10] [10] target_init()
[20] [20] initialising mmc_slot =2
[30] [30] Error: Command timeout error
[30] [30] Failure getting OCR response from MMC Card
[30] [30] MMC card failed to respond, try for SD card
[100] [100] Done initialization of the card
[110] [110] pm8x41_get_is_cold_boot: cold boot
[130] [130] Neither ‘config’ nor ‘frp’ partition found

Any suggestions to resolve this issue?