Camera sensor configuration on DragonBoard845c with AOSP

Hello, There.

Can I know if ’ Qualcomm® Robotics RB3 Development Platform’ can adopt new camera sensor under AOSP? In other words, does it support ‘Qualcomm proprietary source’ such as ‘topology’ xml file? Eventually I want to use new camera sensor which is not published yet therefore I must implement camera device driver in Kernel and modify ‘topology’ xml file in AOSP vendor directory which should be supported by Qualcomm proprietary source tree.


Hey bluehsky,

The RB3 AOSP flavor we ship uses the upstream linux kernel, which does not support the camera stack currently for the RB3/SDM845. However I’m currently working on improving this situation.

If you’re using the Qcom proprietary kernel, I’m afraid I don’t know how it is configured to use new sensor drivers.

@robertfoss: is this still the situation? Is there a link to some repo or blog where I can follow your progress?

Edit: is this the place?

There will be some blog posts when this work has been cleaned up a bit. But for now the status update is SDM845 support is working and seems to be stable.

I’ll post a branch once it is ready.


I’ve fixed video support and pushed a rough branch here: