Camera compatibility



do you know which camera sensor is compatible with the dragonboard 410c and where can I buy it?
Are there any resources to learn about cameras?



Apologies for the late reply, we’re in the process of setting up an accessories page and plan to include cameras, audio devices, power etc as we can test them. USB cameras will work on the DragonBoard 410c and the Logitech 720p webcam has been tested on Android. The default android application from playstore worked fine for this.

There is also an ongoing discussion about camera support on Ubuntu in this forum post:

We don’t currently have any resources specifically about cameras.


Thanks! I was referring more to CSI connected cameras than USB ones.
Btw super cool!


Hi Steve,

I saw “Enable USB Camera Application Note”, and I used the image which has the support for the USB camera enabled by default in the note , but I can not find UsbWebCam apk in Android.

I tested Logitech 720p webcam, but it did not work for me.


I’m also interested in cameras. Does anyone have an example configuration that works either USB or CSI?