CAD models (Schematic/FootPrint)

Hi there,

I wonder if CAD models are available for the TB96AI (and for TB96AIoT).
By CAD models I mean

  • Schematic symbol
  • PCB footprint (with SOM’s outlines would be nice)
  • 3D model

To be noted that we tried to use AXK6S00437YG models but the pin numbering dosn’t correspond to the one choosen for the TB96AIoT. Whereas the stantard numbering scheme seems to place even pin numbers one side, and odd pin numbers the oposite side, there is a different scheme on the TB96AIoT.

Could you provide your email address? I will send it to you by email.

Or you can send an email to my email address, I will reply to you。

Thank you. My e mail adress: