Building SD card image

Chameleon96 Boards (NovTech)
Board based on the Intel Cyclone V SoC FPGA
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After a rocky start getting WiFi working and finding the missing IP and solutions to that, I set out to build an image in the Ubuntu VM and burn an SD card from the build. I followed the instructions updating from the svn which failed to build. After reloading the VM image without updating I built not even running make menuconfig and it built successfully.

I am now trying to build a yocto version, only the build root basic version is configured and even then you have to run xstart to get anything out of the HDMI io. Ssh is fine.

Has anybody built a yocto build and is there a tutorial on how to take a FPGA image and combine it I to the build?

I forgot to mention there does appear to be a setup script to oick between build root and yocto but I can’t find any of the yocto script files