Building c files on board


I got a Stinger96 boards and system what I use is this image:

It is possible to compile c files in the board? I can not use the gcc.


The image provided by Shiratech is based on OpenSTLinux but there are no clues in the stinger96 docs regarding how this image is built so it’s not clear how to rebuild it with additional packages (such as gcc) included.

I know some people who have this board are using in order to build alternative images. Alternatively if you prefer Debian you could try using Shiratech’s script to build a Debian image.

I guess you could also contact Shiratech technical support and ask them how to rebuild the example image from source.

Actually there might be another trick possible.

Perhaps see if the Debian images for the IoT-Box work. If I remember correctly the IoT-Box is simply a stinger96 and an special mezzanine board in a neat little case. It’s likely images for the IoT-Box will work also with the raw stinger96.

@danielt thank you :slightly_smiling_face: