Building/booting AOSP pie-release branch on Hikey970


Hello forum!

I have been trying to build the AOSP branch pie-release branch for the Hikey970. I followed the instructions in this post and some of the posts earlier in that topic.

The build succeeds and it flashes successfully. However, when I try to boot it I only end up with a black screen from the HDMI port and I have no access to the board through fastboot and adb.

Over the Uart console I can see that kernel starts and it mounts the file system but then all of a sudden it stops.

Full console output is available here:

The last parts of the output are shown below. I cannot find something obviously wrong myself.

[    6.578946] file system registered
[    6.982967] (stk) :ldisc installation timeout[    6.987188] (stk) :ldisc_install = 0
(stk) : timed out waiting for ldisc to be un-installed[    8.118816] (stk) :ldisc_install = 1
(stk) :ldisc installation timeout[    9.129920] (stk) :ldisc_install = 0
[    9.466730] [E/hisi_pd] pd_dpm_handle_pe_event:!!!,event=6,+++
[    9.472588] [I/hisi_pd] pd_dpm_handle_pe_event  unkonw event 
[    9.478681] [E/hisi_pd] pd_dpm_handle_pe_event:!!!,event=5,+++
[    9.484524] Pending event is same --> ignore this event 2
[    9.490052] [E/hisi_pd] pd_dpm_handle_pe_event:!!!,event=3,+++
[   10.150998] (stk) : timed out waiting for ldisc to be un-installed[   10.264029] (stk) :ldisc_install = 1
(stk) :ldisc installation timeout[   11.273879] (stk) :ldisc_install = 0
(stk) : timed out waiting for ldisc to be un-installed[   12.406718] (stk) :ldisc_install = 1
(stk) :ldisc installation timeout[   13.418419] (stk) :ldisc_install = 0
[   14.198408] [E/hisi_pd] pd_dpm_handle_pe_event:!!!,event=6,+++
[   14.204302] [I/hisi_pd] pd_dpm_handle_pe_event  unkonw event 
[   14.210394] [E/hisi_pd] pd_dpm_handle_pe_event:!!!,event=5,+++
[   14.216241] Pending event is same --> ignore this event 2
[   14.221755] [E/hisi_pd] pd_dpm_handle_pe_event:!!!,event=3,+++
[   14.439526] (stk) : timed out waiting for ldisc to be un-installed[   14.552605] (stk) :ldisc_install = 1
(stk) :ldisc installation timeout[   15.561862] (stk) :ldisc_install = 0
(stk) : timed out waiting for ldisc to be un-installed[   16.695282] (stk) :ldisc_install = 1
(stk) :ldisc installation timeout[   17.706419] (stk) :ldisc_install = 0
(stk) : timed out waiting for ldisc to be un-installed[   18.733776] Bluetooth: st_register failed -22
[   18.928587] [I/hisi_pd] PE:TYPE-C Only Charger!
[   18.933267] [E/hisi_pd] pd_dpm_handle_pe_event:!!!,event=3,+++
[   18.939115] [I/hisi_pd] pd_dpm_report_pd_sink_vbus : Sink 5000 mV, 500 mA
[   18.945910] [E/hisi_pd] pd_dpm_vbus_notifier_call: pd_dpm_vbus_notifier_call!!!,++++
[   18.953676] [E/hisi_pd] pd_dpm_handle_pe_event:!!!,event=8,+++
[   72.147111] random: crng init done

Has anyone here been successful in building the pie-release branch?


Why is there a difference between contents of source built and pre-built system images?


Can you tell me whether you used the stock ramdisk image or the ramdisk image that you built in the AOSP to build the boot.img?

It looks like the sdd12(system) partition is getting mounted without journal.

Can you list the contents of your raw system.img ?

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Thank you for your response. As it turns out I just managed to build it and boot it without issue. I think the problem might have been that my workspace was dirty somehow.

I removed everything and checked out a fresh copy of pie-release and started the build and now it works. I use only the images produced by the build.

Note: The system-as-root feature should not be enabled on the pie-release branch.


Thats great!!

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