Build Linux Image for Dragonboard820

Hello, I’m trying to build my own Linux image for dragonboard820c following the 96Boards tutorial (, but when I execute the command: “make -j $PROCS Image.gz dtbs KERNELRELEASE=4.14.0-qcomlt-${ARCH}”

An error message appear:

" Virtualization (VIRTUALIZATION) [Y/n/?] y
Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) support (KVM) [Y/n/m/?] y
KVM for Intel processors support (KVM_INTEL) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
KVM for AMD processors support (KVM_AMD) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)
Host kernel accelerator for virtio net (VHOST_NET) [N/m/?] n
Cross-endian support for vhost (VHOST_CROSS_ENDIAN_LEGACY) [N/y/?] n

configuration written to .config

make: *** No rule to make target ‘Image.gz’. Pare."

Does someone know how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance

It looks to me like you are trying to build an x86 kernel rather than an arm64 one. Did you skip parts of the Set up Toolchain Environment section (e.g. do you have the export ARCH=arm64 still effective in your current shell).

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Hi, after download linux source and modified cpuinfo.c when I try to build image I get the following errror?

make: *** No rule to make target ‘Image.gz’. Stop.

I’m following the 96Boards tutorial:

Someone know about this issue and how to solve?

I was having permission problems while compiling, it’s fixed now, thanks!