Build issue with Android vLA.BR.1.2.4-01810-8x16.0-3


I downloaded and successfully built Android board support package vLA.BR.1.2.4-01810-8x16.0-3 on my Linux host machine as per instructions in the package.

after that, when I enter the command:

make aboot

inside folder APQ8016_410C_LA.BR.1.2.4-01810-8x16.0_5.1.1_Lollipop_P2, I get the following error message:

vendor/qcom/build/tasks/ warning: overriding commands for target kernelclean' device/qcom/common/ warning: ignoring old commands for targetkernelclean’
make: *** No rule to make target gensecimage_target’, needed byaboot’. Stop.

make failed to build some targets (05:13 (mm:ss))

performing a search for “gensecimage_target” on the bsp folder(and sub folders) yields no place where this is defined.

Any ideas?


Hi @m375,

I am not so sure at the moment what is happening.

Would you like to trying the source of AOSP Reference Platform build from here?


Hi Akira,

Thank you for your reply.
I trust the AOSP build you suggested doesn’t have this problem.
I was trying to know if anybody tried the Android package vLA.BR.1.2.4-01810-8×16.0-3 and run into the problem I mentioned in the original post or not.



Hi @m375,

I also had the same error message.

make: *** No rule to make target gensecimage_target’, needed byaboot’. Stop.

Let us contact from our side about the error message.


Hi @m375,

Regarding the error with the “make aboot”, please use the following to rebuild bootloader which works.

$ make out/target/product/msm8916_64/emmc_appsboot.mbn

The “make aboot” is not necessary.

Thank you for pointing this out, we will contact the author of revising the documentation.


Thanks for the info.
It seems like this is only an issue with the bootloader build for this release.


Hi Akira,

In your first response in this thread, you suggested AOSP reference build.
I did give it a try and I acn build AOSP successfully but when I was trying to launch kernel config utility on my host for aosp with this command:

make kernelconfig

it didn’t work.

Do you know what is the right command or generally how I could change kernel settings for android aosp build?



Hi @m375,

The most command I use for customizing kernel config for me is
"make menuconfig"

Does this work for you?


No, not for AOSP.

Neither ‘make kernelconfig’.



I used the for syncing repo. It synced the code for LA.BR.1.2.4-01810-8x16.0. At the end there was a message like below. Can you please suggest me what is expected as a next step? I need to build for 410c board.

Applying patches …
applying patches on ./bootable/bootloader/lk …
./ line 44: cd: /home/emtarang/msm8916V/APQ8016_410C_LA.BR.1.2.4-01810-8x16.0_5.1.1_Lollipop_P2/./bootable/bootloader/lk: No such file or directory
./bootable/bootloader/lk does not exist in BUILDROOT:/home/emtarang/msm8916V/APQ8016_410C_LA.BR.1.2.4-01810-8x16.0_5.1.1_Lollipop_P2