Bubblegum-96 sources?



Where will we find the kernel source code for the new Bubblegum-96 board?

For the S900 SoC’s predecessor S500 its arch/arm/mach-owl/ does not appear to be in mainline, nor is there any arch/arm64/boot/dts/actions/ for S900 yet. Is there any activity on the part of Actions Semi to improve that situation?



Well, I just purchased a board and asked Haitao Zhang (from uCRobotics) about sources + instructions, so he advised me to visit https://github.com/96boards/linaro-adfu-tool site for this matter, and said that this information will be migrated to 96boards.org soon.

The kernel sources itself is not on mentioned github page, though, but it can be found pretty easy. Just follow boot.emmc.img link from there and you will find that kernel sources reside at https://git.linaro.org/people/paul.liu/vendor-kernel.git, and the branch is bubblegum96.